How to source fabric for clothing line in Bali? There are two simple options that you can choose. But which one is more effective?

Sourcing Fabrics in Bali


Where do we get fabric from?

We are offering our Full Package Production, including the service of sourcing the best fabrics available for your clothing line; at the most efficient cost.

Before we talk about how to source fabric for clothing line, we need to understand that finding fabrics suppliers on one’s own doesn’t always bring the best results.

4 Common Results when You Source Fabrics Yourself

  1. Not getting the best price: suppliers don’t know you (yet) so they don’t offer you their best deals. Needless to say, they are saving the best deals for later, when you have become a regular customer.
  2. Not getting the right type of fabrics: suppliers don’t have time to learn about your requirement. They are traders, not consultants. They don’t normally give feed back whether the fabrics would fit for your design. Not unless you ask them once you have become their regular customer for some considerable time.
  3. Not getting the right quality of the fabrics: for example, there are different qualities of Tencel available in the market. But if you are wondering how to source sustainable fabric such as the eco-friendly Tencel, then one should use the one certified by OEKO-TEX. Some start-ups are not aware of this certification but we recommend you to check Planet Textile for your reference.
  4. Unable to conduct proper quality control: not everyone has the space , man power and time required to unroll hundreds of yards of fabric to check the measurement and see if there is any defect on it.

So How to Source Fabric for Your Clothing Line in Bali?

If you can afford it, attending events similar to Texworld could really help you in gathering information and contacts in the textile industry. However, we don’t recommend this for startup brands because normally startup brands start with low MOQ.

So, finding info about how to source fabric locally in Bali would be more cost efficient

There are two options available on how to source fabric in Bali:

1. Fabric Sourcing Agent

Some people think that the best country to source fabrics are China because they have so many fabric mills producing raw materials for clothing business. But for high quality and sustainable fabrics, perhaps you should look at other countries. Either way, you could hire a sourcing agent who can accept low MOQ, and have the fabrics sent to a Bali based clothing manufacturer that you choose.

Depending on the agent, the service might include:

  • locating the suppliers
  • negotiating the best deals on your behalf
  • conducting quality control
  • giving you feed backs about latest trends
  • arranging shipments on your behalf
  • etc

Hiring a Sourcing Agent is better suited for factories, traders and established (big) clothing brands. The fee is commission based or a flat fee.


Hire PROMODA as your clothing manufacturer Bali and we will handle the production from start to finish

Now, let’s talk about the differences between hiring a sourcing agent and hiring Promoda for the options on how to source fabric

Fabric Knowledge

Even if you don’t know much about fabric, we can help you! We have direct access to mills and big distributors. If the fabric is available in Bali & neighbouring areas, we can source it for you.

  • We provide the complete garment production process
  • Our fee for sourcing the fabric is included in the full package production (full service). So, you only have to pay once for everything, and everything is streamlined under one roof
  • We receive low MOQ order; which is perfect for startups, new designers, private labels, etc

So, obviously depending on your requirement, you can choose to hire an agent or to give the work order to Promoda.

Which One to Choose: Sourcing Agent or PROMODA?

To be fair, it is recommended that you don’t follow blindly our recommendations on how to source fabric. You should also have your own knowledge and standards on how to source fabrics. It is completely fine to ask details about the fabrics, the sources and the prices for the fabrics.

What to Determine Before Making Your Decision

For the sake of efficiency, we suggest that you prepare these things before you choose between hiring an agent or PROMODA:

  1. Determine the styles: the styles you want to manufacture determine the type of fabrics that you require
  2. Find your niche market: your niche market determines the quality of fabrics that you require
  3. Submit samples: sourcing for fabrics will be easier if you have the samples of the fabrics you would like to use. But if the exact same fabrics cannot be acquired, then the available samples can be used as the comparison in finding the alternatives fabrics
  4. Have an Open Mind: be ready to switch to other fabrics if what you want is not available in Bali. You might even have to change your design altogether in order to use the available fabrics.