Promoda Kreasi Ultima is a professional full-service clothing manufacturer in Bali since 2007. We accept low MOQ but we refuse low quality!

Promoda Kreasi Ultima; The Trusted Clothing Manufacturer Bali

Welcome to Promoda Kreasi Ultima! We dedicate this website for clothing brand owners who strive for more freedom to balance out work and life. This website is also dedicated to new designers looking for a reliable clothing manufacturer for start-ups. We are excited to start a new partnership with you!



Learn simple steps on how to start a garment business. It’s not that complicated if you know how!



A lot of clothing brands; start-up and established alike; are getting their samples made in Bali. Why shouldn’t you?



What determines the price of clothes? Find out here whether your pricing strategy is realistic.

We have a clear sampling process; complete with a timetable which would be helpful for setting up your clothing line marketing plan. It starts with a tech pack which contains technical instructions on how to turn your sketches into ready to wear products.

Without a tech pack, the production team may miss some technical instructions. That would make the finished products look different to the agreed samples. Thus, your actual production costs would exceed your initial clothing manufacturing cost estimation because you would waste extra money on multiple samples revisions.  So, if you don’t have any tech pack, Promoda Kreasi Ultima can develop one for you for a small fee.

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Establishing a fashion store is listed among 10 best business opportunities in Bali. As a clothing manufacturer Bali, we are offering you our full package production (FPP) service. This service enables you to free more time to do other things that you enjoy. Our supply chain management could also help you in sourcing the fabrics, trimmings, embellishment, and anything else required to complete your work order.


You don’t even have to be in Bali because the complete garment production process would be managed by us! Rest assured that you will receive progress reports sent in a timely manner. And when you need to make a quick decision, you can communicate directly with our decision makers.

We receive low MOQ. We reject low quality.

You can start small because we can accept small MOQ. But what we can’t do is to lower the quality of our works. So, let’s start!