Low MOQ Clothing Manufacturer for New Designers looking to launch fashion business from Bali. We provide full service package.


Low MOQ Clothing Manufacturer

Tell us about your creative ideas and we will tell you how can you help you to achieve them in the most efficient way

Most fashion designers start small to avoid the risks of having too much dead stock(stock that doesn’t sell). They look for low MOQ clothing manufacturer so they could try and test which styles actually sell. New designers then can determine which niche market they want to target, and what number of order per style is realistic for their business plans.

Some European designers would normally look for nearest low MOQ clothing manufacturer Europe (for example low moq clothing manufacturer UK) . Some others would look for a low MOQ clothing manufacturer India to get cheap production cost. But if you are looking for ethical manufacturers with low MOQ in Bali; where you can mix business with pleasure, you should contact PROMODA!

As a low MOQ clothing manufacturer ourselves, most of our clients are start-up labels. There are at least 5 reasons why we love to work with new designers like you:

1. The Passion

New designers do not only bring new ideas to the business. They also bring passion to the partnership!

New designers are enthusiastic and they care about the work progress. They are eagerly anticipating the results of the production works. It excites us when they tell us their plans and dreams about what they would do once their clothing brand is established.

From time to time, new designers also share feedbacks from their friends and families about the samples that they try on. They give comments about the fit and the feel of the fabrics used for the designs. Honestly, sometimes the feedbacks are good, sometimes not so good.

All the aforementioned keep our work spirit up, because we love working with passionate customers!

2. The Technical Challenge

New designers bring new ideas to the table. Some of those new ideas are just a tweak of the existing ones. Not so challenging for us as a clothing manufacturer, but we would still be excited when the new designer is passionate about it.

On the other hand, some of new designers’ ideas are radical and difficult to implement in the sampling process. As a low MOQ manufacturer, turning those new ideas into wearable clothes would be a big challenge. It gets us excited!

Whether the designs are just a tweak of the existing ones or radical new ones, we are confident in our own skills and our excellent supply chain management, that if you give us the chance, we can be your reliable clothing manufacturer!


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3. The Growth

We are grateful that we could survive as a clothing manufacturer that can accept low MOQ since 2007. Ever since, we have grown significantly in size and capacity.

Granted that clothing manufacturing is not the same business as designing. But since we complement each other, we understand the challenges that new designers have to overcome as startup businesses.

We have great sympathy towards new designers starting up their own business. We acknowledge that helping new designers are helping ourselves too. So, we aspire to help new designers to grow!

And, it would be a great honour and a dream come true for us to see our works on the runway of Paris Fashion Week, wearing the labels of up and coming new designers!

4. The Investment for the Future

For us, working with new designers is like an investment. It might fail to work, it might grow slowly, or it might secure a stream of revenue for the future.

Partnership with New Designers

As a low MOQ clothing manufacturer, we are determined to make partnerships with new designers work. We are trying to make it as a win – win solutions for both parties. We secure our future revenues while new designers secure a reliable and trustworthy production partner.

5. More “Made in Indonesia” Labels

We at PROMODA Bali are proud of our heritage as Indonesians. We want to see more and more “Made in Indonesia” labels in the global fashion industry!

While established international fashion labels might already have their own clothing manufacturers somewhere, targeting new designers are the more realistic for us to achieve this noble goal. So, as a low MOQ clothing manufacturer in Bali, we are more than happy to work with new designers!


If you have some challenging designs and you want to find a low MOQ clothing manufacturer in Bali, then contact us. Let’s see what can we achieve together!

FPP Services

We provide a Full Production Package (FPP) service, starting from the making of Tech Packs and all the way to the shipping of finished products. You can focus on producing your designs and building your brand.