A professional clothing manufacturer in Bali would NOT show these indicators. Which one have you experienced in clothing production in Bali?

Professional Clothing Manufacturer in Bali

Looking for a professional clothing manufacturer in Bali; the one like Promoda Bali; might seems to be straight forward. Search the internet, contact whichever Bali ethical clothing manufacturer who claims to be the most so and so, exchange some emails and/or calls, then book your order to that manufacturer. Easy.

But in reality, there are some hidden indicators of the professionalism level of a clothing manufacturer. Those indicators are also useful to help you find a Reliable Clothing Manufacturer for Startup

4 Signs Which Indicates a Professional Clothing Manufacturer in Bali


Looking for a Professional Clothing Manufacturer in Bali?

What makes us different to most private label clothing manufacturers Indonesia is that we emphasize on proper product development. This way we can ensure high quality works and prevent costly mistakes during the production process.
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You can use the following indicators of an unprofessional clothing manufacturer in Bali.

1. Relying on Memories

It is normal among Bali based clothing manufacturers to readjust designs until they got the approval from the clients. But what if a clothing manufacturer keep on forgetting some details about the designs. What would be the point of all the meetings and back and forth emails and texts messages?

A professional clothing manufacturer in Bali will properly take notes from all of their communications with the customers. The manufacturer knows that it is dangerous and unprofessional to rely on memories alone when it comes to details of the designs ordered by the customers.

The clothing manufacturer might remember all of the important stuffs. But in garment industry, details matter. So, a professional clothing manufacturer in Bali will do its best to produce exactly what the customers ordered.

If the clothing manufacturer that you are in contact with doesn’t take notes from your meetings, then you should be worried! Chances are some of the important details will be missed by the clothing manufacturer.

It is recommended that you make minutes of meetings then send them by email to the clothing manufacturer as reminders.

2. Lack of Urgency and Unclear Sampling Process

The really professional clothing manufacturer in Bali won’t take long to reply to your enquiries. They understand your urgency in making decisions for the clothing line marketing plan.

If such manufacturer is having a production issue that might make the product (slightly) different than the approved sample, they would immediately report it to you and tell you what possible solutions available and ask for your approval.

A Clothing Manufacturer Bali who is lacking the urgency to reply to your enquiries and submitting the report about production issues is highly likely to be a not very professional one.

A professional clothing manufacturer in Bali should be able to explain their sampling procedures in a clear and simple way. Inability to do so might indicate that they themselves are not so certain about the required process to complete your samples.

Understanding common mistakes in the sampling process can also help you to analyse the professionalism of the clothing manufacturer you are in contact with. If the sampling procedure is too long, then perhaps their production process are not so efficient.

But if the procedure is too short, then there might be some important procedures that they skip; for example:

  • Keeping the records of the complete garment production process of the sampling production (see no 4 below)
  • Checking the availability of the fabrics. Not doing this will risk finding out later that not enough fabrics are available for the actual production (apparently only enough for the sampling process)
  • Conducting a shrink test of the fabrics. Not doing this will risk finding out that apparently the shrinkage level of the final products is unacceptable.
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3. Inefficient Supply Chain Management

A professional clothing manufacturer in Bali must have a good supply chain in their network. Such network increases the efficiency in costs (reducing the middlemen) and time (for fabrics delivery), so it’s very important in clothing manufacturing cost estimation.

If the manufacturer claims that fabrics required for your planned orders are sourced directly from the mill(s), then their quotation for the fabrics should be cheaper than retail price.

4. Inaccurate Production Data and Packing List

A Professional Bali Clothing Manufacturer will keep accurate production data from the process of proto sample up to approved sample.

However, not all clothing manufacturers in Indonesia, especially in Bali, keep production data properly. And in reality, failing to keep the accurate data may result in:

  • Sewing operators miss some technical details that makes the final products look different to the approved samples
  • Cost inefficiency because the manufacturer orders too much fabrics that later end up as waste
  • The production misses the shipping date because the manufacturer runs out of fabric in the middle of production process
  • Time inefficiency due to too much time is used to fix the clothes made in the wrong way
  • Other technical errors that prolong the lead time

The inaccuracy of production data mentioned above could also lead to the inaccuracy of packing list. Sadly, this is a common thing among clothing manufacturers in Bali.

The Inaccuracy has nothing to do with the quality of the finished products. A Clothing Factory in Bali may consistently produce high quality finished products. But if there is no accurate record about how many finished products have been labelled and packed, how could the factory make an accurate packing list?


A professional clothing manufacturer in Bali will do its best in preparing accurate packing lists for their customers because

  • It avoids dispute in billing. They know exactly how much they should charge their customers because they have the data about how many products have been completed and how many has been packed.
  • It makes it easy for their customers to unpack. The customers will know which package to open when they need to take a certain item.
  • It helps their customers in avoiding complaints from shops. When shops don’t receive the same quantity as their orders, they are going to complaint to the clothing manufacturer’s customers. In worst case scenario, the shops might even cancel the orders altogether. A professional clothing manufacturer in Bali doesn’t want this to happen as it will make them lose customers.


All the above mentioned signs might not be detectable on the first meeting. But the longer you interact with the clothing manufacturer, the more likely you will notice these.