Looking for a reliable Bali Garment to launch your new clothing brand? Look no further! PROMODA is the best place to start your success!

5 Reasons You Should Try PROMODA as Your Bali Garment

  1. We have more than a decade of experience assisting startup brands to become established brands.
  2. We take your product development stage seriously to avoid costly “surprises” during the actual production run
  3. We take service excellence to heart; clear communications, confidentiality, and high quality standards.
  4. We can offer you good supply chain management; sustainable fabrics sourcing, eco friendly fabric printing, professional courier services, etc
  5. We keep on improving; we are not the biggest garment company in Bali, but we keep on trying to be more efficient in everything

How to Contact PROMODA

Simply leave a message on our Contact Us page. We will contact you in 2 x 24 hours.


Start your Clothing Line

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