Choosing a Bali clothing manufacturer for your fashion line can be an intimidating process. From technical factors like fabric quality to cultural considerations, there are many essential elements to consider. Here’s your guide to finding the perfect partner that will bring your vision to life.

1. Analysing The Customer Service Quality of a Bali Clothing Manufacturer

“How do I find a fashion manufacturer?”

When you are searching for a Bali clothing manufacturer, it’s important to assess its quality customer service. Starting a garment business with a clothing manufacturer low MOQ that puts a serious effort to maintain service excellence will ultimately make for an excellent business partnership!


Review how quickly it responds to inquiries and messages. Slow response is always bad, but quick response might not always good. You want a manufacturer Bali who takes the time to understand your vision and is willing to answer any questions you may have along the way. It’s also incredibly helpful if the clothing manufacturer can provide detailed product information and its sampling service.

The Importance of a Complete Tech Pack

When you analyse the service quality of a clothing manufacturer, it is paramount to check whether the manufacturer normally works using tech packs.

A Complete Tech Pack can prevent a lot of production mistakes. It helps in increasing the efficiency while reducing production cost.

A proper Bali clothing manufacturer must be able to develop a complete Tech Pack due to its technical knowledge and extensive network of raw material suppliers. You can analyse the skill level of a Bali clothing manufacturer and how reliable is its network of suppliers from the tech pack they are developing or using.


How do I find a fashion manufacturer?

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It is recommended that you refresh your memory about tech pack in garment industry, so that you can come to the agreement with the clothing manufacturer about what is a “Complete Tech Pack”.

You can actually find tech pack services starting from US$10, but they are likely to be incomplete.

It is unlikely that a free lance tech pack maker has access to textile mills’ complete price lists. The absence of such access makes it difficult to develop accurate bill of materials for your tech pack (In case you don’t know, a bill of materials is the calculation of all raw materials used to produce 1 finished garment).

A proper tech pack should at least contain these data. And for $10, it is unlikely that the Tech Pack has Point of Measure, Cutting Instruction, Digital Patterns, etc.

So, either you make sure that your tech pack is complete, or ask a Bali clothing manufacturer to develop one for you (for a small fee).

2. Analysing How a Clothing Manufacturer Conducts the Production Run

Level of Skills

Any low MOQ clothing manufacturer Indonesia can claim that they have the skills to manufacture your design. Normally, start-up labels would order samples to prove the manufacturer’s level of skills. But, you can assess the skills level of a Bali clothing manufacturer, even before you order any sample, if you ask the manufacturer to develop a tech pack for you.


An unprofessional manufacturer won’t be able to develop a proper tech pack due to a lack of technical knowledge. Such lack of knowledge could also come from the habit of finding short cuts while ignoring the fundamentals.

On the contrary, a professional Bali clothing manufacturer would be able to develop a tech pack that is so complete, that any other clothing manufacturer could simply use it to start the production. And if a clothing manufacturer is able to develop a Complete Tech Pack, it must be able to properly produce your design as well.

But, remember that no matter how skilful a clothing manufacturer is, it won’t be able to produce properly if your instructions aren’t clear. It is recommended that you have written records about the communications between you and the manufacturer.

Supply Chain Management

An excellent garment supply chain management is a strong indication of a professional Bali clothing manufacturer. It includes the ability to easily source the fabrics and raw materials required for your designs, at the most efficient costs.

Appointing a Bali clothing manufacturer with excellent supply management to be your partner could lower the risks of production delay due to supply problem. This is because the manufacturer is able to quickly switch to other suppliers in their extensive network.